Sacred Trees

Sacred Trees

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Medicine Trees Course

13 Recorded Classes

Tree medicines are available to us all through the winter months when most of our beloved herbs are resting. They offer us an abundance of food, potent medicine and magic. Barks, twigs, leaves, flowers, berries, fruits, cones, roots, sap and resins…and tree-hosted medicines such as lichen and mycelia.

Join me for a series of 13 pre-recorded classes in celebration of the medicine and magic of the forest. Each class is available as an mp3 to listen to and download at your convenience.

We'll be exploring the gifts of apple, cherry and hawthorn, maple, ash, elm and birch, pine, spruce, cedar and larch, poplars, willow, elder, olive, fig, and bay, as well as usnea, the Ganodermas and Polypores & chaga.

Class fee is $150 and you can register right here at the top of the page. Links to all the classes will be sent to you as soon as your payment is received and processed.