Tea Blends

Tea Blends

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Our Herb Teas are blended for their optimum nourishment, medicinal value and great taste. They are created for you with herbs and flowers, hand cultivated on our farm or conscientiously gathered from the pristine wild around us. All have been harvested at their peak of readiness and carefully dried and stored. In some cases, we've sourced ingredients from other growers and reputable sources.

Our herbs are prepared by hand, or run through our hammermill, carefully blended and then packed in loose form, to ensure excellent quality, freshness and nutrient content.

All of our teas come to you freshly packed in an 16oz amber glass jars, filled to the brim.

We offer three of our teas in a bulk size which comes in a 100% recyclable cellulose bag containing a generous 32oz. by volume (not weight) of our beautifully blended herbs.