Art in the Garden Sunday, August 6, 10am - 3pm

Art in the Garden Sunday, August 6, 10am - 3pm

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Come spend an unforgettable day of enchantment with us, making art in the Blessed Maine Herb Farm Gardens surrounded by the exquisite beauty of the natural world!

Bring your art supplies, some paper or canvas, sculpting clay or materials for assemblage, and your wild heart, and pick a spot anywhere you’d like to spend some time drawing, painting, creating.

Make art immersed in a botanical wonderland…connect your wild heart with the wild heart of the earth in her most sublime exuberance…the herbs and flowers will be putting on an exquisite display, the pollinator field will be awash with both color and pollinators, and the orchard is looking especially lush and magical this year.  If you need a shady break there is a good size tent set up for you as well as the comfy School House. 

We’ll have some hemp flags on hand to paint, if you wish, in preparation for our Saint Hildegard Day procession in mid September. Gail will talk about Intentional Creativity and demonstrate making watercolor paints from natural earth pigments, which you are free to use in your art making for the day.

A fabulous lunch will be served, cold beverages will be available throughout the event and the apothecary will be open. We’d love to share this day with you! 

Held on our farm in Athens, Maine