Alchemical Essences™ Hydrosol

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The distillation process is pure magic…uniting all the elements; water, fire, earth and air in such a way that the plant’s most intimate nature is revealed. Wise ones say that the purest expression of the spirit of a plant or flower is its distilled essence.

We’re excited to offer you our line of exceptional quality water-based medicinal extractions! Our "bouquet batch" hydrosols (water solutions) are slowly distilled using freshly gathered plants from our gardens or the wilds nearby.

HERBS (earth) – freshly gathered herbs, flowers and barks simmer (fire) in the full round belly of the copper still and as they do, aromatics and other water soluble constituents of the plant rise up (air) with the steam and spiral down through the coils in the cooling condenser where they are transformed back into a liquid that contains not only the aromatic and medicinal plant consituents, but the intracellular plant waters (water), like sap, the essence, the life blood of the plant. The natural essential oils that emerge in the hydrosol remain contained within their original plant matrix, and thus in the ratio that nature intended, so are both safe and ecologically sustainable.

WATER - The pure spring water we use to make our Alchemical Essences comes from an ancient glacial lake deep under the earth’s surface…its incredibly pure waters bubble up out of several springs on our land.

THE COPPER STILL - Copper adds antimicrobial properties to the hydrosol which helps extend the shelf life of our Alchemical Essences. Aurvedic medicine greatly values waters that have been held in a copper vessel and it is widely believed that copper results in a superior distillate. Copper has long been associated with Great Mother and thus emanates a magical reflective energy that enhances the expression/reception of feminine divine energy.

Our Hydrosols are ALCHEMICAL ESSENCES - they are an energetically/vibrationally crisp and clean product. They are naturally, beautifully fragrant, potent, pure and deeply healing water extractions.

They can be used topically as a spray, splash, wash or compress and are safe for internal use - a few drops diluted in hot or cold water, tea, vinegar or alcohol creates an array of healthful and delicious beverages. Added to culinary dishes and desserts hydrosols offer a depth and range of flavor beyond compare.

Our Hydrosols come to you in a 2oz red aluminum bottle with a spray top, all thoroughly sterilized before filling.

Handle with care. Store in a cool place. Shelf life for most hydrosols is 12-24 months.