"The Guardian" Print

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The Guardian

The Guardian is generative, fecund, awake and aware. She is both a portal into Old World culture and traditions and a container for the mystical inheritance of Southern Italian ancestral ways. Blessings sprout from her body like roses, the flower of the divine feminine, the emblem of Great Mother. She sits in the shade of a mimosa tree, the flower of happiness, the tree of peace. She soothes disturbed Shen with her breath. She is holy. She is protective. She is the very essence of devotion. She heals what is broken, finds what is lost, reclaims what has been thrown away. Soul birds flit about her shoulders and butterflies feed at her feet. She knows how to nurture and invite things to grow, how to heal with leaves, how to sustain a rhythm, sing an incantation, rewrite history and chant new worlds into existence.

She’s a mistress of transformation, a shapeshifter, an icon, an inspiration. The Guardian understands the mysteries of magnetism. She works with pulse, wave and form, energy and matter, prayer and song. She’s ecstatic. Reverence, awe and wonder are her domain. Love is her language. Viriditas her abode. She is wild-hearted and welcoming. All the flowers know her name.

11 x 14" Print

 Originally created with acrylic & Terra di Colori paints. Your print will be signed and numbered by Gail, then carefully rolled and sent in a cardboard tube. Frame not included. Note cards are blank inside and come with a kraft envelope.

"I use vibrant color(often sourced from minerals and botanical sources gathered at sites I visit and the essence of which I want to depict), line, symbol, image, rhythm and word, to expand consciousness, share ideas, enhance connection, push boundaries, question limitations, accentuate the luminous, initiate healing and express my wild heart, soul and spirituality. My work is informed by the natural world around me - the plants, trees, mountains, waters, wild animals, bird song and all the textures, sounds and aromas of the living Earth expressing herself.  I draw inspiration for my work from the deep well of the Divine Feminine, as well as from Old World myths, sacred stories, poetry, art and culture."

Gail Faith Edwards