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Would you like some guidance getting your health back on track? Herbalist Gail Faith Edwards is available for an herbal consultation with you in person or by phone.

I am a compassionate and knowledgeable health care professional with more than thirty years experience serving as a community herbalist. I believe that all healing begins on the energetic/spiritual level and that disease, dysfunction and discomfort have a spiritual as well as a physical component.

An herbal consultation with me usually begins with a prayer to Great Mother. With your permission, we invoke her presence and ask for her help. We welcome the spirits of the plants to join us as well. I then ask for some basic details, such as age, height and weight, inquire about your health history and your present concerns. I encourage you to tell me your story while I practice deep listening. I will take notes as you speak which I refer to afterwards.

My intention during our consultation is to assist you in choosing an herbal program that will help you to flourish, live life with joy, boost your over-all vitality and address your specific health concerns, whatever their nature.

During our initial consultation and one follow-up session I will help you clarify your health issues and support you in making the necessary attitude, dietary and lifestyle changes that will enhance your health and well being.

Please understand that I am not a licensed medical doctor and do not diagnose disease. An herbal consultation with me is at heart an educational experience during which you will learn about herbs, prayers and practices that may support your health and inspire healing.

You can meet with me in person at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm during the growing season, or arrange for a phone consultation. The $150 fee includes our first one hour consultation and one follow-up session. I will be available via email to answer questions and to address any concerns that arise as we work together.