"Our Lady of the Snow" Print

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Under the loving and protective gaze of Our Lady of the Snow

As the ball of red thread unwinds in my hand 
It flows, like blood
It twists and turns, runs and loops
Spirals through time to find those who are called 
It welcomes, accepts and connects us
in love
I am looking up at the mountain 
That gave birth to my people
I am looking up at the Madonna della Neve 
sitting in a cave
She glows from the summit of Mt. Cervati
The sacred mountain of Campania
She shines like the radiant Holy Sun, 
She sparkles like the stars in the night sky
She has always been there.
My little mountain village is built into her foothills, 
Like a rose quartz jewel set into stone cliffs
Overlooking the lush green valley of Diana
My orange tile roofed house is a rippling ruffle in her skirt
Our cobblestone passageways are the ribbons
tied onto her earthen garment
that swishes and sways, this way and that.
In this place I know I am home.
And I know Madonna della Neve has watched over me
across millennia, 
held me in her loving and protective embrace
From a time long before she was called a Madonna, 
before she was known by other names, such as Diana, Ceres or Cybele
Long before she was the deer or the wolf 
or the bear, ancient totems of the Lucana tribe,
the People of the Sacred Wood,
from whom I descend.
Yes, She is so old she was born before the moon
And I have walked with her through time,
through ages, through countless miles
And troubled roads. 
I remember her when she was a white puffy cloud
In the blue blue sky
I remember her when she was the dripping of water
The melting of snow
I remember her when she was the wind, 
a golden eagle soaring on the currents above the mountain
I remember her when she was the oak tree and I was 
an acorn eater who sat at her feet
gobbling sustenance from her generous bounty
I remember when she was the mountain itself
her face made of limestone, 
her body shielded by old growth beech and chestnut
lushly decorated with rose
Under her gaze, I climb down the hand hewn rock stairs carved into the mountain side by Mesolithic shepherds
A steep scala that leads to her long-sacred sanctuary abode
From there I can see the whole world
And I understand my place in it
I know who I am and where I come from
And from whom
And I know what I am called to do
I carry her Holy presence with me everywhere
Like an inner light
I lean on her like a sturdy walking stick, 
She is a resonant whisper in my heart
I have always known her, always felt her
Always loved her
Always been held in her magnanimous grace.
My cells and my blood and my bones are made of her
I am so full of her
I can taste her sweet goodness
Her sweat is like mist, like moist rain 
ever washing my soul
I feel her endless blessings permeate my life
And I pass them on freely
I bow before her 
I hear my beloved ancestors voices in her voice
She is wearing a red cape
Woven of red thread
Spun by ancient hands
On wooden spindles
She has led me to this circle
She has called me by name
She informs all I do
Whoever comes to me, comes through her
This too I know.
And for this I am ever thankful
With humility, reverence and awe, I listen for her direction
I hear it in the rhythm of her heart beat
echoed on the skin of my drum
In its lilting jingle jangles
Her voice sings a melody of love
ever welcoming me home.


Originally created with acrylic & Terra di Colori paints. Your print will be signed and numbered by Gail, then carefully rolled and sent in a cardboard tube. Frame not included. Note cards are blank inside and come with a kraft envelope.

"I use vibrant color(often sourced from minerals and botanical sources gathered at sites I visit and the essence of which I want to depict), line, symbol, image, rhythm and word, to expand consciousness, share ideas, enhance connection, push boundaries, question limitations, accentuate the luminous, initiate healing and express my wild heart, soul and spirituality. My work is informed by the natural world around me - the plants, trees, mountains, waters, wild animals, bird song and all the textures, sounds and aromas of the living Earth expressing herself.  I draw inspiration for my work from the deep well of the Divine Feminine, as well as from Old World myths, sacred stories, poetry, art and culture."

Gail Faith Edwards