Casa dei Sogni Curativa

Casa dei Sogni Curativa

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- Next round, Sunday, January 7, 2023 -

A Healing Dream Temple space is opening here for you, my beloved Benedetti, and I invite you to enter through the gate…I am calling the dreamers among us, the myth makers, the conscious creatives and all those in need of healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Together, we are creating an international and virtual Healing Dream Temple in the Sud Italian Asclepion tradition and you are invited to cross the threshold into thus rich and ancient, still thriving mode of healing. 

What is it? It’s ritual, it’s clearing, cleansing, exorcism; it’s healing, praying, dreaming…it’s about moving stagnant, stuck energy,  as well as  naming, claiming and accessing hidden parts of self. It’s self directed, initiatory, transformative. I will be your guide. 

We will employ art, myth, prayer, rhythm, water, salt, plants, healing Dream and Holy Mother… all combined uniquely to meet the needs of each individual participant. 

Our Healing Dream temple will be open for four weeks, four Sundays in a row…it’s a powerful ritual of delving deep and resurfacing with treasures, that are uniquely your own, treasures that you already have, waiting to be released and recovered, celebrated and activated. What it is not: It is not dream interpretation in the Freudian or Jungian sense…it’s ancient, pure, ancestral, divinely inspired, traditional, Old World. 

Our Healing Dream Temple, Casa dei Sogni Curativa, takes place online, opens on Sunday, January 7, 2023  and continues for four successive Sundays.  We will meet via zoom.  Recordings will be available. I welcome you to join us.

The fee is $295 and the class will be limited in size. Please reserve your place at your earliest convenience.  You will receive the zoom link a few days before we begin. Begins January 7, 2023.

“This four-week journey was one of the most precious shamanic classes and experiences I have taken on a personal and practical level. It wove together threads of a number of healing traditions I study, such as Native American, Peruvian, Nordic and Celtic, resting at a place of my own ancestral origin. It created a synchronistic Gestalt as though it was the very destination I have been seeking all along. I have studied my dreams and noted them since I was 5 years old. My practice and study of spiritual and energetic healing which began 15 years ago after a health crisis, has evolved to specialize in more of the oracular and psychic work, engaging in practices of dream mirroring and interpretation on the mythological level. It is my belief that reconnecting to ancient earth-based spiritual traditions is the medicine humanity needs now on a global level for healing and connection.

I highly recommend this sweet, gentle, healing course to anyone seeking to connect to their ancestral spiritual roots of Sud Italia, anyone looking to find some magic, anyone seeking to hone their shamanic practice or further their historical esoteric knowledge. Creating a personal healing temple, as the ancients once did, a modern day mini-hospital, took my dream work to a whole new metaphysical dimension and a new level of experience, some of which is difficult to describe in words but maybe how I would imagine something like ancient Egyptian light communication. It was magic and it worked.  Having the kind and masterful Asclepius as a travel partner, coupled with the sheer joy and depth of GFE’s teaching made for a first- class experience. No cheap ticket here. Pushed to use artistic and spiritual ceremony, I was surprisedly delighted in my own creations-so unusual for me. Additionally, needing a surgical procedure in the midst of the class added a practical aspect as I am sure it assisted in the success of the surgery and the recovery.” Robin R.