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Our extracts, commonly called tinctures, are concentrated herbal supplements made by time tested traditional methods here on our farm. The menstruum we use is certified organic pharmaceutical grade neutral spirits.

The great majority of the herbs used in our extracts have been grown here on our farm with great care or wild gathered from our well managed wild stands. In some cases our herbs are sourced from other exceptional growers. All herbs are harvested at their peak and processed immediately in our GMP compliant and FDA approved Processing Facility.

Our herbal extracts are whole plant medicines of exceptional quality. They are especially safe, fast acting, effective and good tasting. Our intention is to provide you with the best possible herbal medicine.

Herbal Extracts are easy to use, travel with you anywhere, are both safe and effective and gentle enough for children in smaller doses. A typical dose for an adult is 5 - 30 drops in a little bit of water, tea or juice. Children generally get half of that. Dosages differ depending on what herb you are taking, and dosage instructions are on each label.

Gluten-sensitive folks please note: Some who are sensitive to gluten react negatively to tinctures made with grain alcohol. Our menstruum is made from distilled sugar cane or grapes, both naturally gluten free, so those who avoid grains/gluten may use our herbal extracts with complete assurance of their safety.

1 oz. amber glass bottle with dropper*


Do you have a question or concern about the use of medicinal herbs? Feel free to ask. We're here to help and a response is guaranteed:

Dr. James Duke's Phytochemistry & Ethnobotanical Database is an excellent resource for herbal research.

*baltic amber comes in a .5oz bottle