"She Who Creates Worlds" Print

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She Who Creates Worlds

One day long ago and far away, before there was even such a thing as days and nights, long before anything of substance had taken shape at all…in fact so far away in time that there was not even time or space, but only one singularity of purpose, an idea, a spontaneously arising intention to create, to become, there existed one who was without form, known as She Who Creates Worlds….

She Who Creates Worlds manifested her intention with such force that new worlds formed instantaneously and continuously. From her powerful intention gases and vapors rose and took shape and became swirling galaxies filled with stars and planets, comets and nebula. The earth was formed by her breath and the sun and the moon also, and then myriad forms of life came into being. Air and wind settled, and oceans roiled and waved. Creatures began to arise and inhabit the air and the waters. Plants and animals arose on earth and called into creation a diversity of humans so that they might have companionship.

As it happened, She Who Creates Worlds, that one whose intention brought forth all of the seen and unseen worlds, passed along to each created being the same creative spark that initially gave rise to the entire universe. And one day, many millions of years after the initial creation event, a girl child was born on the earth. She grew into a young wild hearted woman with a strong mission to find and establish her true home. She was blessed to settle on a piece of land shaped like a bowl, surrounded by trees, with a big, big sky, from where she could observe the daily sun rise and sun set, and watch the movements of the moon. She understood the magic of seeds, a knowledge that lived in her blood, that same blood formed by exploding stars, that had lived in the veins of her ancestors throughout time. She reverently knelt on the fertile patch of earth she named her garden and tucked seeds into the soil there with a deep sense of awe and wonder. She watched in amazement as plants grew and with great love, she tended them, learned their names and made them her friends. They became her teachers and her partners.
As time passed the earth all around her simple home, built from the wood of locally grown trees, was flowering and flourishing and bursting with life. Soon she was giving birth to children, carrying water and cooking on wood and telling them night time stories across years until they grew big enough and strong enough to go out into the world on their own…though it broke her heart to see them go, she watched as new worlds began taking shape around them. In what seemed like no time at all, grandchildren began arriving.
In her elder years now, she looks around her with great satisfaction and a deep sense of fulfillment…where there had been bushes and brambles, beautiful cultivated gardens of medicinal herbs now flourish. In what had been neglected, uncared for fields, gorgeous fruit orchards and a meadow full of native wildflowers now stand. Where there once was only her, now there was a family, three generations strong. And she saw that as her life slowly unfurled itself in this sacred place she had claimed early on as her true home, she had become She Who Creates Worlds  

  11" x 17" print originally created with acrylic & Terra di Colori paints. Your print will be signed and numbered by Gail, then carefully rolled and sent in a cardboard tube. Frame not included.

"I use vibrant color(often sourced from minerals and botanical sources gathered at sites I visit and the essence of which I want to depict), line, symbol, image, rhythm and word, to expand consciousness, share ideas, enhance connection, push boundaries, question limitations, accentuate the luminous, initiate healing and express my wild heart, soul and spirituality. My work is informed by the natural world around me - the plants, trees, mountains, waters, wild animals, bird song and all the textures, sounds and aromas of the living Earth expressing herself.  I draw inspiration for my work from the deep well of the Divine Feminine, as well as from Old World myths, sacred stories, poetry, art and culture."

Gail Faith Edwards