Wild Yam

Dioscorea villosa


There are 500 related species of wild yam, all of which are phytosterol-rich allies. The roots promote production of progesterone while regulating its ratio to estrogen within the body.

Pacific Island women have used wild yam as an effective contraceptive for thousands of years, with no reported side effects. Meskwaki and Fox women use wild yam to relieve pain during childbirth. The Fox also use it as an antispasmodic, emetic and diaphoretic. A daily cup or two of dried root infusion, or 10-30 drops of tincture, influences hormones, tones and strengthens liver function, soothes the urinary tract, relieves joint pain and inflammation, eases digestive disturbances, prevents hormone-related headaches, and eases a wide range of menopausal woes.

Wild yam roots contain steroidal saponins, the building blocks of cortisone, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent. I combine wild yam roots with the roots of American ginseng, black cohosh, turmeric and ginger for an exceptionally effective anti-inflammatory formula called exactly that: Anti-inflammatory Formula.

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