Baltic Amber Oil

Baltic Amber Oil

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Baltic amber oil is widely used as a topical application to the skin, especially the face. Russian scientists report amber’s unprecedented ability to act as an anti-aging substance. It’s ability to restore cellular health and elasticity and inhibit aging of cells has earned it a reputation as a modern elixir of youth.

Amber oil is universally regarded as an especially effective treatment against aches and pains, rheumatic and arthritic joints, swollen limbs and joints, and painful muscles.

Amber oil permeates the skin exceedingly fast, penetrating deep into the tissue, improving blood flow to the area and easing muscle and joint pains. It is excellent added to massage oils and facial creams.

This is an infused oil made with pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber extracted into pure olive oil using an ages-old traditional process.

We use only pure, natural pharmaceutical grade Baltic amber to make our oil. 1 oz. glass bottle with polyseal cap.

Consider joining our independent study. If you decide to use Baltic Amber Oil please consider giving us feedback on what affects you notice. We are conducting Independent research and gathering experiential evidence regarding the medicinal affects of Baltic Amber tincture and oil.



Natural Baltic Amber: Magnetic, Adaptogenic, Universally Applicable 

The Medicinal Use, Preparation & Application of Baltic Amber