Gemmotherapy Elixirs

Gemmotherapy Elixirs

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Our Gemmotherapy Elixirs are created with specific tree and shrub buds gathered in early spring and extracted in a menstruum of organic alcohol, wild birch sapped pure Maine honey.

The bud contains within itself the whole evolution of its species. It contains all the power of the future plant, it is embryonic tissue – vegetal stem cells – in a phase of intense cell multiplication containing the evolutionary potential, all of the genetic information as well as the energetic imprint of the entire plant.

Birch sap is a vital part of these Gemmotherapy medicines. It is referred to as Elixir of Life and seen as the matrix that can receive information and return it, a biological transceiver, a water based communication network that handles the information regulating all life processes, a bridge between cosmic and earth forces.

An important concept in Gemmotherapy is one of stimulating drainage…seen as a more complex process than detoxification. It is a process of transformation at the cellular level - an evacuation and integration take place on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that affect the inner terrain of an individual. Drainage also refers to physiological processes of detoxification and means to stimulate the excretory organs; the kidneys, liver and skin.
Among the many highly nourishing phytonutrients contained within the buds are specific enzymes that bind strongly to heavy metal atoms, immobilizing them and preventing them from invading parts of the cells where they could become toxic.

Our Gemmotherapy Elixirs come to you in a 1/2 oz. amber glass bottle with dropper.

Recommended Dosage for Gemmotherapy Elixirs: 1-3 drops in water once or twice daily.

“Many years ago, I was clipped in the knee by my large 100 lb dog running at full speed. The acute injury was healed with herbs and homeopathy, but about 4 years ago, I began to experience a more chronic, hot, burning and constricted pain in said knee. The Integrated Complex soothes and calms the inflammation better than anything else I’ve tried. It is so effective! I’m really hoping continued use will stave off any future arthritis I may experience as I age. And because it protects from wear and tear so well, I’m able to start and work through each new gardening season without pain or constriction. I also love how it tastes. So yum! Thanks again for formulating a superior remedy.” A. Lyndon